The Department of Communication and Digital Media, of the University of Western Macedonia is located in Kastoria. In the academic map, the Department is positioned together with other relevant Departments of Communication while simultaneously, it places high emphasis on the interconnection between the discipline of Communication and New Technologies.

The mission of the Department is to provide students with high-level theoretical and practical knowledge but also to enhance research in the multidimensional field of Communication, while combining the science of Communication with digital media and the new digital environment.

The department’s curriculum covers the scientific field of Communication from a Social Sciences perspective through an interdisciplinary approach that takes into consideration different scientific fields such as: Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Market Research-Opinion Polls, Marketing, Political Sciences, Sociology, and Intercultural Communication. Moreover, the program embraces the new trends in the fields of Digital Media and New Technologies as well as the trends on the Internet and Multimedia and takes into consideration their impact on the field of Communication. The program offers courses that integrate the Science of Communication with Digital Media.

Following a student-centered approach, the Department aims at providing studies of exceptional quality through the scientific, theoretical and practical training of the students in the fields of Communication and Digital Communication.

An important pursuit of the Department is to train and develop scientists and executives that will hold a high degree of know-how and will be able to meet the current trends of the communication consultant profession by taking into account the trends in the digital media landscape.

Moreover, they will be able to effectively manage communication as well as digital media; thus, succeed in their professional careers in the fields of Applied Communication (Political Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Crisis Communication, E-Government, Opinion Polls), Journalism (print, electronic, and digital media) as well as in other fields that require the use of digital media such as Tourism, Cultural Heritage Management and Education.

Students in the Department benefit from excellent teaching and lab infrastructures while enjoying being part of an environment that fosters creative and critical thinking.

Moreover, the department aims at enhancing the academic and scientific research in the general fields of communication, internet, digital networks and media, public relations, marketing, advertising, e-learning, distance e-learning, multimedia and mixed reality, opinion mining, human-machine communication, political communication, e-government, and consumer behavior.

The vision of the Department is to become a scientific centre that will contribute dynamically to the national and local society, economy, life, and culture on issues related to the Communication science and its evolution through the new digital media tools.