The Systematic and continuous evaluation is essential to improve the quality of academic programs and helps plan for the future. The exit interview procedure is a key element to ensure evaluation in order to continuously improve the quality of studies and services, the educational experiences offered to students by the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) by adopting a model of best practices.

The feedback received through the results provides useful information regarding the creation of new courses of interest to students, the offering of new distance (on-line) courses, the organization of summer schools, the allocation of additional resources for internship management and career services, and the revision of forms and documents for the curriculum.

Important Actions

Upon successful completion of all degree course requirements (undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral level) and the senior student’s application for the award of a degree:

  1. The Academic Advisor is informed by the Secretariat about the students who are applying for a degree.
  2. The Academic Advisor notifies the senior students and informs them about the process and the stages (filling in the questionnaire form & conducting an interview) of the exit interview procedure as well as about the valid submission of the questionnaire as a prerequisite for obtaining their degree.
  3. The Academic Advisor, after informing the interested students, sends the online questionnaire to those students who have proceeded to a degree application and have completed the required documents.
  4. The Academic Advisor, after the online submission of the required questionnaire by the students, conducts an interview with each of the students.
  5. The Academic Advisor, after the completion of the interview, provides each student with a signed certificate of completion of the exit interview process, which then the student submits to the secretariat in order to finalize his/her request to receive a degree.

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