Anastasia Yannacopoulou

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Academic Responsible of the Department's Undergraduate Students' Communication Team

Researcher at Digital Media and Strategic Communication Lab

Research Fellow at the Institute of Greek Language, Center of Research and Innovation TEMENUS, University of Western Macedonia

Office 108, Building A

University of Western Macedonia
Communication and Digital Media Department
Fourka Area
52100 Kastoria

Dr. Anastasia Yannacopoulou is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics with emphasis on Computational Linguistics at the Department of Communication and Digital Media of the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. She received her PhD in the field of Computational Linguistics (2005) from the Faculty of Information, Communication, Modelisation and Simulation at the Institut Gaspard-Monge of the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France, where she was also a Postdoctoral Researcher. Dr Yannacopoulou holds a MSc in Science and Technology of Language and Communication (2002), from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Her research and work experience are in the fields of Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Electronic Dictionaries, Morphosyntactic Analysis, Formal Grammars, Machine and Human Translation, Communication, Digital Media and Social Media.


CDM 3144 - Writing Content for Print and Digital Media

CDM 3294 - Social Media Management and Language Processing

CDM 4215 - Communication and Literature

CDM 5304 - Language and Digital Media

CDM 7115 - Research Methodology and Scientific Project Writing

CDM 8315 - Computational Linguistics


MSc Public Discourse and Digital Media

  • Politics in the Digital Era
  • Linguistic Diversity in Social Media

MSc Gaming and Multimedia Application Development

  • Development of vector graphics (2D), models (3D) and animation

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